For Your Body

On average, a 180 lb. cyclist riding at a moderate effort level will burn approximately 650 calories per hour! (Source)

Since one pound of fat is worth roughly 3500 calories, one can quickly surmise that including a bike ride in your everyday schedule could add up to serious weight loss over time.

For instance, if you decided to commute to work using your bicycle instead of your car you could burn a couple of pounds a week. That's if your diet remained the same and your commute was 30 minutes in each direction. Weight loss aside, daily exercise could literally save your life. 30 minutes a day of cardio activity (which includes biking) lowers your risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and a whole plethora of other medical conditions.

If you're skeptical about just how much biking can change your life, watch this amazing story. 

For Your Mind

If you're curious how biking can change your state of mind just do a google search for "how biking saved my life". You'll find hundreds of stories like this one about people who effectively managed depression and anxiety disorders by regularly biking. 

For the Environment

"There is no machine known that is more efficient than a human on a bicycle.  A bowl of oatmeal, 30 miles, you can’t come close to that.  Put a bowl of oatmeal in your car, you’re not going anywhere, let alone 30 miles. The efficiency is terrible compared to a human." Bill Nye / Read His Full Commentary Here

When it comes to the environment, it's all about reducing our use of vehicles. Switching over to biking for at least SOME of our commuting is one way that all of us can simply and effectively lower our heat print on the atmosphere around us. 

For the Parks

If you've ever experienced one of the larger National Parks in the midst of summer, you know that the crowds will leave as much of an impression on you as the scenery. Navigating busy roads and packed-out scenic out looks can be frustrating and exhausting. Most parks as you'll find out via this website have pathways or roads that you can bike on. These bicycle utilities will help you have a much better experience in your National Park while assisting with the reduction of congestion and pollution. 



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